Dog Water Park in Barcelona

Do you imagine a pool party with your best friend? We went to the Canino Aqua Park in Barcelona and we were surprised by what we found.

The perfect place for your dog enjoys the summer and you too! When we arrived we didn't know what to find, but if you imagine your dog enjoying in a canoe and the sun this is your place!

You'll find special swimmers and floaters for dogs, enter the pool and play with your dog and floating toys. All the pool have gradual depth for your dog fell confidence and you'll find a friendly crew that helps you in whatever you need we were very surprised by how nice is the team.

The atmosphere that breathes at the pools is unique, all happy dogs playing with their humans and having a good time, enjoying the moment. We met dogs of all sizes and find a smaller pool for short dogs.

Last Sunday we could see the final of the canine championship of water jumps of Spain. We saw dogs of all sizes jumping from a ramp in the pool for their toys, they were flying through the air!

We were very gladdened to see the happiness of all the dogs and the safe and adapted space for all of them to enjoy the pool party. We recommend you to discover for yourself the Aquapark Canino in Barcelona, ​​at the Roca del Vallès area. You can find all the information on their website and see the amazing photos of the dogs that have fun on their Instagram, this is very funny!