EcoFriendly Skincare Ritual

Oatmeal is perfect for making a natural cleaner, add honey and almond milk for a softer texture. Make a mask with the ingredients leaving it on your face for a few minutes and remove the dead skin with soft circular movement with your fingertips. 

This cleaner is super easy to make and the mask will leave you a sweet small over your face. Is the best friend for those who suffer from skin irritations.

Miel: Antioxidant properties / Avena: Soothing action on the skin / leche de almendras: Provides vitamin E and protective effect against the sun’s rays.

Tone and brighten
Cucumber and coconut water, this two are the best water to prepare a toner. 

Cucumber is rich in water and super refreshing, liquefy medium cucumber  (for organic cucumbers do not remove the skin) filter this water and place it on your skin as a tonic.

Coconut water, the best natural anti-aging, purifies the skin and prevents the formation of shine and dehydration. With a cotton pad soaked in coconut water, put it on your face with slight touches to active the circulation.

After sunbathing 
Cut a section of the aloe vera leaf and remove a part of the skin, then let it drain a few minutes.

Take out the gel and wash it under water. Now you can apply on irritated areas of the skin, let it act for five minutes and remove it.

You’ll have an anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect over your skin.