Go Green Coffee

It's part of the morning routine and often we consume more that once a day, have you ever stopped to think about to be more sustainable in the consumption of our coffee?
The coffee industry is huge and as consumers we can change it. Make positive changes is super easy, here you’ll find three tips for sustainable coffee.

Look for the Fair Trade Certified

This is the security seal for the coffee beans prepared under fair conditions for its workers and forest protection avoiding logging . The coffee industry includes more than 25 millions people and the fair trade certification assures you that the coffee are paid and treated honestly with the workers.

Buy the coffee marked “Shade Grown” 

This coffee is grown in tropicals forest, helping to make a valuable habitat for migratory birds and endangered species.  This type of crop gives home to more than 150 species of birds that use the plantations as houses in their long trips, ambient for orchids, bats, ants and many more species. The Certifications “Bird Friendly” is a standard of shadows and biodiversity in crops. 

Helping to grow a bigger biodiversity of species protecting the coffee from pest and avoiding pesticides this type of coffee grows slowly. For new coffee lovers in this topic it’s important to be sure of the coffee grown conditions, to be 100% sure about a Shade-Grade coffee, look for the beans grown in a shade between 70% to 100% this gives a greater benefit to the animals that live there.

Choose direct trade
Look for the closest source of coffee where the beans were grown originally. This is the best way to keep an eye on the carbon footprint. The global climate change have problems for coffee growers, cause the plants are supper fragile and need specials conditions.

Coffee tastes different helping the fair economy and providing birds homes…saving the world at the same time!