How to pack for the conscious traveler

It’s easy than ever to be green on vacations and is super important to be at the moment we go to the beach, all the strange objects we bring to the beach must be eco-friendly and non toxic for marine life. To be committed to changing habits to waste less is important to focus only on what really matters.

We’ve compiled a list of essential items to the conscious traveler to the beach.

Sunscreen is our shield against UV rays but not all sunscreens are safe, those that contain Oxybenzone and Octinoxate have been linked to coral bleaching. The Oxybenzone is also called Benzophenone-3 or BP-3.

These chemicals cause viral infections in the zooxantelas, little algae that live in coral and provide them oxygen and the give them their bright colors to the corals, the coral beaching is the loss of colors when the zooxanthellae leave the coral or die. 
Now you know whats to avoid in the beach, you can look at the “Hell List” from the Haereticus Environmental laboratory to find all the worts ingredients for wildlife.

Look for a sunscreen without the hell list chemicals and you’ll be protected and saving the corals at the same time!

The plastic in the oceans is a problem that has grown faster and many people are giving visibility to create awareness about the impact at the ocean, you can see what these incredible women do to make you aware about the single use plastic.

Look for a bottle to keep fresh water when you live home and avoid to buy water or other products with one single use plastic packing. Choose glass before plastic and always leave it in the recycling bin.
The coconut oil is perfect for frizzing hair, smells good and give you the perfect texture. Is important have any unnatural preservatives and have the fair trade certified.

The best friend of your hair at the beach only if is free from paragons, silicon, nano particles and need to be ECOCERT Seal.  And if you wet your hair with sea water rise it in the shower and apply de shampoo.

A little blotting paper at the beach will be super useful for emergencies or staying cool. As long as it is biodegradable, safe and environmentally friendly. Always leave it in the trash bin after use.

Remember, less is more  in your bag!