Summer water safety tips for dogs

With the arrival of summer we love to cool off on the beach or in the pool and if you are like many pet parents you love to take your dog to wherever you go and enjoy it on your vacations.

Here you find some water safety tips for your dog:

Make sure your dog wants to swim:
many people think that their dog likes to swim, but that is not always the case, many dogs may be afraid of the water or waves and if that is the case do not force them into the water.

Before jumping into the water: Check that the swimming area is safe and if you are on the beach, pay attention to the tilt and if you can see seaweed or jellyfish. If you are in a pool, check the incline, it can be difficult to get out of it and panic when your dog does not find a way out, show where to get in and out, it must be easy for your dog to go out whenever he wants.

If your dog wants to swim but is not a confident swimmer, you can help him with a life jacket specially made for dogs of his size.

Swimming by your side: Once inside of the water check if your dog is not drinking, always keep a cup of fresh water accessible, salt water can cause vomiting, some dogs may become obsessed with drinking water, correct it if you see that your dog try. In the case of a swimming pool and chlorine, if the pool is safe for people it will also be for your dogs but in the same way do not let it drink water from where anything, this will help you concentrate only on swimming and hanging out.

If your dog is a sailor and moves freely in the water you can throw a ball, we recommend that this float so that your dog does not try to find it, very few dogs are not divers and do not like to put their face in the water.

After swim: Always rinse your dog with water from the jet after swimming so avoid any irritation by sea salt or chlorine. Fix a dry place with fresh water so you can hydrate after swimming.

If you are on the beach, put a towel in the sand and watch it in the shade.

It's easy to include your dog in summer out. Enjoy with your dog on hot days!