Tips for your first oasis

We love see people convert homes in personal Oasis, If you are thinking of starting a small garden and see how it grows, here are some tips for garden beginners:

The first step:
Is choose what type of Oasis you want, will it be a lovely colorful cosmos or a vegetable garden for the chef of the house, maybe an exotic garden to grow your own flavoring? Whatever type of oasis you choose the best way is to start small and your ideal oasis slowly grow.

Picking the perfect plants:
All the plants have different shapes and size it is important to take some time to think which plants to incorporate into our oasis, think about the space you have and the type of soil and climate, this is factors to consider to pick the ideals plants.

Some plants need more water and sun than others, try to pick plants with the same needs so they can grow healthy. You can always go to a greenhouse and ask a professional for advice on choosing the right plants.

Make labels:
Using labels will make it easier to know what you have planted and where on your oasis, take a few minutes to make small labels with the plant name, the date you planted and the size.

Oasis journal:
Another good advice is to start a small journal with the progress of the oasis you can incorporate irrigation schedules, season care information, growing of each plant and a fertilization record, you can incorporate sketches and photos. These note will help you identify the state of your oasis and the way to improve it.

Take bugs like friends:
Not all bugs are bad for your plants, however, some are not welcome for leave damage to the leaves. If you see a bug, try to identify it online or send a picture of it to your gardening store. Make a small sketch of the bug on the journal to identify it easily next time you see it and don't forget to write down in which plant you have seen it, so you can keep a record of the time it has appeared.

It's important to look for naturals insecticides because maybe you have plants that you want to consume.

Learning the best way to grow your plants take time and we recommend starting with a small oasis so you can put the attention it deserves. You'll find a good hobby to disconnect from your daily routine spending time writing in your oasis journal.